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When it comes to running a successful business, location matters. Bentonville offers an array of opportunities for businesses looking to establish, expand, or relocate. With its compelling blend of economic vitality, innovation and a thriving community, Bentonville has earned its reputation as an ideal destination for businesses looking to thrive. 

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur in search of the perfect startup hub or an established company seeking to expand your footprint, find your home in Bentonville.

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Discover a curated selection of prime properties that could become the new home for your business. These locations are strategically chosen to provide you with access to the best that Bentonville has to offer.


Explore a comprehensive database of available buildings and sites in Bentonville. Our user-friendly search tool makes it easy to find the ideal location that meets your business requirements.

Maps and GIS

Leverage geographic information system (GIS) tools and maps to visualize data and gain insights.


Understand Bentonville’s robust infrastructure, including transportation networks, utilities and technology resources that can support your business operations.


Access information about Bentonville’s highly educated and skilled workforce, including details about educational institutions and training programs to meet your workforce needs.

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