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In this episode of The Bentonville Beacon, host James Bell is joined by Dana Schlagenhaft, Executive Director of Downtown Bentonville Incorporated (DBI), a private, not-for-profit organization uniquely positioned as a driving force to build and promote a welcoming, secure and lively downtown Bentonville. Established over two decades ago, DBI has played a key role in revitalizing the city and making it a place that people are eager to visit, discover and share with others.

Downtown Bentonville Inc. works to activate downtown spaces through expertly executed events, advocating for current and future downtown businesses and amplifying the voices of all Bentonville residents. Events include the Bentonville Farmers Market and Virtual Farmers Market, First Friday, the Art Market, the City of Bentonville’s Lighting of the Square, the Bentonville Christmas Parade, Market at Record, New Year’s Eve celebrations, Bentonville Toyland, Shop the Block, and Downtown Bentonville Art and Culinary Week. Additionally, DBI hosts a live show Sundays on KFSM Sundays called DWTN Now where Dana and her co-host, Aaron Nolan, highlight the unique stories of Downtown Bentonville.

During the episode, Dana shares her fascinating journey and her role in bringing to life the festive community events. She also expands on Downtown Bentonville Incorporated’s mission, the unique spirit of the Greater Bentonville Area community and her thoughts on Bentonville’s vibrant future.

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Show Notes

Timestamps in this blog are for the audio-only version of the podcast; video timing differs.

(0:53) Introduction to Dana Schlagenhaft

(3:03) About Downtown Bentonville Incorporated and Its Mission

(4:20) Exploring DBI’s Events

(6:09) Telling Unique Stories through DWTN Now

(7:43) Supporting Small Businesses Downtown

(9:10) How DBI Partners with Local Organizations

(10:57) Dana’s Vision for the Future

(13:20) Dana’s #BecauseBentonville Story

(14:45) What’s Upcoming for DBI

(16:45) Advice for Getting Involved in Downtown

(18:25) How to Help Further DBI’s Mission

(20:02) Closing Question


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