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In this episode of The Bentonville Beacon, host James Bell is joined by Mayor Bill Edwards of the City of Centerton, a community focused on a wholesome lifestyle, cultural history, environmental preservation and nurturing local business growth. Since the 2020 U.S. Census, Centerton’s population has grown more than thirty-five percent, vaulting it to the twentieth largest city in Arkansas.

Centerton’s population has grown from 9,500 to nearly 25,000 residents during Mayor Edwards’ pivotal fourteen years at the helm. During that time, Mayor Edwards has prioritized adding amenities that strengthen quality of life. Among these amenities are outdoor recreation opportunities including parks, pavilions, splash pads, a sports facility and walking trails–and now, a community center.

During the episode, Mayor Edwards describes his journey of transitioning from a career at J.B. Hunt to his first foray into politics as on the Centerton City Council to Centerton’s top leadership role–and he shares insights into how the city is evolving by blending progress with preservation. You’ll also hear what exciting initiatives are underway, like the new Community Center, and how the City of Centerton collaborates with the surrounding Greater Bentonville Area and Northwest Arkansas region as a whole.

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Show Notes

Timestamps in this blog are for the audio-only version of the podcast; video timing differs.

(0:52) Introduction to Mayor Bill Edwards

(2:45) Mayor Edwards’ Journey to Becoming Mayor

(3:59) The Growth and Development of Centerton

(5:28) Accomplishments of Centerton’s City Departments

(6:38) Sustaining Quality of Life While Expanding

(8:41) Centerton’s Collaboration with the Greater Bentonville Area and NWA

(9:52) Business Opportunities in Centerton

(10:49) Mayor Edwards’ #BecauseCenterton Story

(11:55) Centerton’s Future Community Center and Initiatives

(14:27) Closing Questions


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