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Explore the Vibrant Business Climate of Bentonville, Arkansas.

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Where Opportunity Meets Innovation

Bentonville boasts a thriving business climate that’s second to none, situated in the dynamic Northwest Arkansas region. As the home of Fortune 1, the world’s largest retailer, Bentonville stands as a beacon of economic growth and prosperity.

Our Northwest Arkansas region is home to three Fortune 500 headquarters, a presence of about 400 of the Fortune 500, corporate offices of 1,600 consumer brands and a robust ecosystem of startups and small businesses.

In Bentonville, we pride ourselves on nurturing a robust startup community and fostering small business success. Entrepreneurs and visionaries are drawn to our city, knowing they’ll find the support and resources needed to turn their ideas into thriving enterprises. With our business-friendly environment and low cost of doing business, Bentonville provides companies with the ideal backdrop to flourish.

Find Your Competitive Advantage in Bentonville

Bentonville offers you access to a business climate like no other. We connect you to a city that’s not only a hub for corporate giants but also a nurturing ground for startups and small businesses. Our commitment is to help you build, grow and thrive in Bentonville. 

Highly Educated Workforce

With a welcoming community and low cost of living, Bentonville attracts and retains a highly educated and skilled workforce, with 51% of adults having a bachelor’s degree or higher (US Census Bureau, 2021).

Thriving Corporate Presence

In the heart of Northwest Arkansas, Bentonville is a fertile ground where enterprises flourish amidst a landscape of established giants and innovative newcomers. Here, your venture will find its stride, gaining invaluable momentum from a community rich in industry expertise and boundless collaborative opportunities across a myriad of sectors..

Key Industries

In our dynamic city, businesses thrive across a spectrum of key sectors. The enabling technologies for supply chain, logistics, retail and corporate operations form the backbone of our commercial vigor, while the outdoor recreation, health and wellness and advanced mobility sectors embody the innovative spirit driving Bentonville’s diversified industrial landscape forward.

Startup Ecosystem

Bentonville is a beacon of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, serving as fertile ground for startups and small businesses across a spectrum of industries. The city’s robust ecosystem of accelerators and incubators plays a critical role in propelling businesses in artificial intelligence, retail, supply chain, healthtech, medtech, biotherapeutics and outdoor recreation towards success.

Low Cost of Doing Business

Bentonville stands as a testament to cost-effective enterprise, embodying a business landscape where operational efficiency and profitability go hand in hand. The favorable economic environment is further enriched by Arkansas’s proactive fiscal landscape, which has seen three corporate tax reductions since 2022, amplifying Bentonville’s appeal as a prudent choice for businesses seeking a balance of low operational costs and robust growth potential.

Innovation, Collaboration and Success Await in Bentonville

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